The Boys: How will Homelander be in Season 3 of the show?

by Kelvin
The Boys: How will Homelander be in Season 3 of the show?

Image: Amazon Prime Video/Playback

Apparently, in the 3rd season of the boys, of Amazon Prime Video, the character Homelander will return in a way never seen before in the series. According to his interpreter, Antony Starr, in an interview with the website Collider, in the next batch of episodes, the character will act like a “homicidal maniac”.

The actor’s words were corroborated by showrunner Eric Kripke. Apparently, there will still be many intense conflicts involving the hero and his core relationships. “I’m looking forward to seeing Homelander off leash. It will be a lot of fun to see him lose his balance and get revenge,” said Antony Starr in the same interview.

“I think some characters will put themselves in a line of fire for Season 3,” he added about the upcoming plot.


Homelander seems to be invincible compared to other superheroes in the series and also from other fictional universes, as we saw earlier. The question that remains is: will any force be able to stop him?

Apparently, Homelander is his own enemy and his weaknesses, not yet explored by the script, may become more and more visible as the episodes progress.

Eric Kripke assured that this is a recurring topic in the writers room. “Right now, there aren’t many physical weaknesses, but there are so many psychological weaknesses that we’re going to move toward understanding more about them,” he explained. “Homelander hates his human vulnerability, but it’s still a part of who he is,” he added.

Kripke even said he agrees with Antony Starr about him being the weakest character in the series. What will season 3 of the boys Are you going to book for Homelander?

We can only wait for news!

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