The Chinese WhatsApp is a mix between Messenger, Instagram and tinder

by Kelvin
The Chinese WhatsApp is a mix between Messenger, Instagram and tinder

We are talking about "WeChat" a messaging service that takes the best of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagra. They will surprise you.

WhatsappWeChat, the Chinese version of Whatsapp that combines the best of each social network.

In China, the main applications or social networks that we use every day (such as Whatsapp) were blocked in 2009, that is why the citizens of that country have to resort to other applications.

This is how WeChat appeared, which was launched in 2011 and a year later it already had more than 100 million users in the Asian continent.


This messaging application has a lot in common with Whatsapp, but it also has functions similar to those of Messenger and Instagram.

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Some of these functions are: messaging, calls and video calls, adding moments that are similar to the Stories of Facebook and Instagram. It also offers the possibility of making payments or bank transfers.

In 2013, the Chinese government encouraged e-commerce through the Wechat Payment function, which resulted in the application reaching more than 400 million users.

WhatsappThis is Wechat, the Chinese application that took the best of all apps.

Another function that is very important and that highlights Wechat about Whatsapp it is the possibility of using services of the city in which one is, that is, it can be from taking a shift with a doctor, to making reservations and paying for trips by public transport.

We also have the possibility of using this messaging service through a PC or a notebook by scanning the QR code, as we do with Whatsapp.

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We don't know if ever Whatsapp will be able to enter that market again, although by the restrictions it seems a fairly distant horizon

. And who knows, maybe Chinese applications at some point grab the attention of the world and become the favorites of all of us who always seek the best.

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