The co-creator of Halo shooter, Disintegration, confirms its launch on Xbox One

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One of the games that began to play in the media was the new shooter of the co-creator of Halo, Disintegration. This game has been one of those that has been present at the Gamescom Opening Night that has offered a lot of information about new games to get to Xbox One. In fact, one of the great news we have had, is precisely the confirmation that Disintegration will arrive on Xbox One.

Its launch has been confirmed through a trailer that has unveiled this new science fiction shooter that is being developed by Halo co-creator, Marcus Lehto, in his new V1 Interactive studio. Baptized as Disintegration, its launch is confirmed on both Xbox One, and Playstation 4 and PC, in 2020.

Disintegration is a new first-person science fiction shooter. Lead your troops on the ground while fighting in an exciting one-player campaign and compete in the frenetic multiplayer PvP against other pilots and their crews.

This project has been in development since 2014, being a game that is encompassing a very ambitious proposal from an independent study. Without any limit, Lehto's study wanted to do something innovative for this genre. First, the latest information pointed to Disintegration would present a campaign that would be around 10-12 hours long, with 13 missions. This is more than originally planned, since the original project barely exceeded 6 hours.

The story of Disintegration It places the player 150 years in the future, where a great pandemic occurs where humans choose to integrate their consciousness into machines or robots, with the purpose of returning to the bodies once the responsible virus had ceased to be a threat. Set in the rocky mountains, the Arizona desert, the west coast of the United States and Iceland, Disintegration It will consist of 13 missions, as we have commented.


There is still much to unveil this interesting shooter, Disintegration, which we now know is coming to Xbox One in 2020.

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