The credit card of Apple cannot touch other cards or leather wallets

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The credit card of Apple cannot touch other cards or leather wallets

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Apple is special. Its products are always separated from the rest by an air of exclusivity that the company has promoted almost from the beginning. Yes, there are many smartphones in the market, but iPhone there is only one (or three, depending on the year).

Why when Apple announced that he was going to get into the financial sector with a credit card, we knew it could not be a normal card. For starters, most users of Apple Card will not even have a physical card, and will perform all operations, such as payments, directly from your iPhone.

If you want a physical card, you have to ask for it, but in return it is a unique card in the market. Made of titanium, the owner's name is laser engraved, and the design is extremely simple and elegant; It helps a lot that you have the card number recorded, as this changes for each transaction for security.

The credit card care of Apple

Yes the Apple Card is an exclusive product, but that also means that you need exclusive care. That is what the first American users have discovered, who have finally been able to get the card after the initial launch. Among all the related documentation, they have found instructions for card maintenance, but that is not uncommon.

According to this guide for owners, the card Apple is extremely delicate, to the point that it is necessary to take specific steps for proper maintenance. For example, it is recommended to clean it with a microfiber cloth in a "soft" way, and with some propanol.

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But more important is where to keep it. If you had planned to put it in your wallet with the rest of the cards, know that you would be committing a profanity. Why Apple states that, in any case, the Apple Card can touch other cards.

It's not that I'm afraid of getting infected with the plebs, is that the card can scratch easily when contacting other cards. Yes, the internal structure may be titanium, but the exterior is especially delicate and you can end up with aesthetic damage.

Not only that, but this card does not support any wallet. Specific, Apple warns that let's not use leather wallets or denim, since they can cause a discoloration that will not be removed just by cleaning it. Therefore, your card may acquire a very unpleasant brown tone.

Therefore, if you are going to order one Apple Card when you arrive in our country, remember to buy a new wallet and buy the right cleaning products. Something absurd just for a card, but nobody said that bragging was easy.

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