The curved screen of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro appears in several images

by Kelvin
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro


Xiaomi prepares the nth version of its Xiaomi Mi 9, having known that next week presents the new Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite, we know that the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, the version equipped with 5G and Snapdragon 855+ processor. Of which we now know its possible front panel, revealing a curved screen.


It seems that the great news that the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G One of the most prominent will be wireless charging, which will be possibly the fastest on the planet, especially when we talk about doing it without wires.

The front panel of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is filtered in several images

Without a doubt, the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro could be one of the most amazing mobiles of what we have left of 2019, next to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Today we look at the new Mi 9 because up to four new images have been filtered that are directly attributed to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro screen. And it seems that in this aspect there would be important developments, especially for the great curve that the screen would have on the sides, in the purest style of Samsung phones.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

From what we see in the four images, the screen design would be similar to that of the standard Xiaomi Mi 9, with a notch in the form of a drop of water and lateral edges that in this case are non-existent, at bend the panel by the sides.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

It also gives the feeling that the screen could have an aspect ratio even longer than usual, and may become even more extreme than the 19.5: 9 of its predecessor. From this Xiaomi Mi 9 For many important developments are expected, starting with the 5G connectivity, which has released the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G in the range in the past months.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

We could also wait for the new Snadpragon 855+ processor, more powerful than the current Snapdragon, as well as the new wireless fast charging of Xiaomi, which will become the most powerful on the market by far. Of course, it catches our attention that with the solutions to hide the front camera that both Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro have released, this Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro will continue to have a water drop shaped notch at the top of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Of course, the great attraction would undoubtedly be the great curve of its screen would be one of its great incentives. We will see when Xiaomi presents this Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, when the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is still pending.

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