The dark AMOLED mode of Twitter is delayed to polish the experience

by Kelvin
El modo oscuro AMOLED de Twitter se retrasa para pulir la experiencia

How many times have we talked to you about the dark mode in Android Pro? Every time a popular or important application adds the dark mode, we inform you at the moment. Twitter It is one of the pioneering applications in this of the dark mode, because For years, it offers its users the possibility to use a clear interface, with the predominant color in white; or a dark interface, with the predominant dark blue color. Many users asked for a dark mode in conditions and Twitter communicated in March the changes that would come to the app.

With the increasing use of phones with AMOLED displays, the dark mode within applications makes more sense than ever. These screens, among other things, stand out for having deep blacks, because each pixel can be turned off individually, causing the black color, means that the screen is off. For that reason, the black color on an AMOLED screen does not consume battery, while that of an IPS, yes, it is still backlit. If you were waiting for the dark mode for AMOLED screens of Twitter, sorry to tell you that it has been officially delayed


The total dark mode of Twitter will be delayed to be improved

It's been half a year since Twitter announced the arrival of the total dark mode for its application and we have not yet been able to test it. Now We know that your arrival will be very soon, because one of the managers of this social network has published a tweet warning of its delay to polish some details, but that will arrive shortly. The good thing is that we have been able to see a screenshot of how the new dark mode of the application will be, which will favor the users of phones with AMOLED screens and the battery life of them.

The truth is that they have not given more explanations in this regard, but this type of situation makes us question if it is so difficult to implement the dark mode within an application. We understand that you have to change the colors to many things but, enough to have to delay its launch for more than half a year since the official announcement? Not that we were talking about a folding phone.

Twitter At least for now it still offers its current dark mode, unlike another of the most influential current applications, which despite what we had seen in the beta versions, nothing is still known: WhatsApp. The point is that developers should listen to their users. If third-party applications manage to do this, with much smaller development studies, how does a multimillion dollar company fail?

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