The dark mode is launched in the Google Play Store

by Kelvin
Google Play

Google Play has been making many changes this year, starting with the new design of the store. In addition, new functions have been introduced in it over the months. A new feature is now introduced in the Android application store. Since the dark mode makes its entry into it.


Google continues its efforts to launch dark mode in your Android apps. This week it was Gmail that obtained it officially and now comes the turn of Google Play to have this dark mode. There are already users who have access to it in the app store.

The dark mode in Google Play applies to the entire interface, as you can see in these photos. It is committed to a dark gray tone in this case, which will allow users who have phones with OLED or AMOLED panel to save on energy consumption when using this mode. In addition to allowing a more comfortable reading at all times.

Google Play dark mode

It seems that this dark mode is available for a few users. Although it is something that remains limited to those with Android 10. Also, nothing had to be done to have this mode, only to have the dark mode of the operating system activated.

Google already commented that they had plans to launch dark mode in all your applications. It is something that they have been doing these months, in which we have told you how this mode has been launched in the firm's apps. Now it's Google Play's turn to have this mode officially.

Although in your case it seems that we will have to wait a bit to access, since it is the users with Android 10 who can enjoy this mode. But nothing is known about when it will be possible to enjoy it in general. We expect more data in the next hours.