The dead pixel of the screen Galaxy Note 10 is its proximity sensor

by Kelvin
Galaxy Note  10 dead pixel proximity sensor

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was launched to the market, a large number of users, those who bought it of course, flooded forums and social networks with questions related to the device display.

These questions they refer to the little blink, in the form of a point, which is observed near the top of the terminal, specifically located to the right of the front camera.


Such was the impact of this small flickering point, that many of the owners of this terminal they began to say that the screen of their Galaxy Note 10 had a dead pixel.

Quiet! Your screen Galaxy Note 10 doesn't have a dead pixel

Dead pixel screen Galaxy Note  10 "width =" 700 "height =" 350

If you have also panicked to see that there is a very small dot on the flickering screen, do not worry. This little dot you observe and that sometimes blinks is not a dead pixel, is the proximity sensor.

The screen of this device is one of the best in the market, and in addition, no technical problem has been registered to date.

What this sensor does is blink when a call is received, This allows the mobile to know when the call was answered in order to turn off the screen when you start a conversation.

Can you turn off the proximity sensor on the Galaxy Note 10?

No, this sensor works individually and cannot be "disconnected". The good thing is that being a sensor that is integrated into the device screen, only blinks when the phone is picked up to answer a call.

In other words, you should not pay so much attention, because after all it is a function that will not bother you when you watch videos, chat with friends or surf the internet.

Source | Droidlife

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