The duels of Yu-Gi-Oh! would be unique with this augmented reality technology

by Kelvin

The dream of any Yu-Gi-Oh fan! It has always been to have a duel of cards supported by a holographic system that manages to simulate as real as possible the battles of the mythical television series.

But that still doesn't happen, and it's a complete rudeness to our imagination. However, a new technology that uses Augmented Reality (AR) it could mean good news for lovers of Yu-Gi-Oh !. Or at least, we think so.

In Twitter, bill Physics & Astronomy Zone He shared a video showing how, through a series of letters with holographic images, the subject of Chemistry could be more simple and attractive of studying to explain the way it works. So, as the video shows, we see how the sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) charts are tested to form sodium chloride (NaCI). And so, in less than a minute we were able to remember our high school Chemistry classes, but wow, who cares about that. And the hell! why no one thinks of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, as this disappointed user of Twitter:


"He wants to tell me that we have the technology to have dueling monster battles, but MFS is wasting on some chemistry"Said user Osiris Prodigy.

The publication, as you can tell, went viral but not for the reasons the creators of this invention would have wanted, which would undoubtedly be revolutionary for young students. But because, finally, this 3D technology could realize the dream of card players by seeing monsters like the Black Dragon with Red Eyes or the Dark Magician of Yugi Mutou emerge dramatically from the letter and yes, why not, fight each other. We are sure that it would be the rebirth of Yu-Gi-Oh !. Who knows, maybe someday someone will hear the pleas of Yugi fans.

Source: Physics & Astronomy Zone

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