The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City content will become free

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City content will become free

News arrives from Seattle, where an event about The Elder Scrolls Online. As it has been published through the official account of Twitter from Bethesda Spain, throughout september All content related to the Imperial City expansion will become free for all players.

Although we do not have a specific date, the content will become free from the next Imperial City celebration event, this month. Without a doubt, great news for all those who do not yet have this DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Imperial City downloadable content will become free for everyone from the Imperial City celebration event in September. Very attentive, because we will offer more details this week! #THAT

Imperial City, new challenges and dungeons for The Elder Scrolls Online

For those of you who don't know the contents of Imperial City, the new expansion came with new dungeons: White Gold Tower and Prison. In them, it will be essential in group work in a PVE environment that aims to squeeze the maximum cooperative work in The Elder Scrolls Online. Likewise, PVP lovers will also find new areas that allow fighting as we have never seen them before.

Of course the content it will be free permanently and not only during the event, so if you like what Imperial City offers, you are in luck. As we said at the beginning of the news, we still do not have the exact date but, as always, from Xbox Generation we will inform you about all the news that is known about it.


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