The eSIM for Argentina phones is now available

by Kelvin

The eSIM for Argentina phones is now available 4

The eSIM, which is the digital or virtual form of the traditional telephone chip, already works in Argentina. Personal announced that the eSIM service, the new SIM generation, is now available for its customers with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

From the company they said that as new devices suitable for the market are launched with this technology, Personal will add them to their package.


The eSIM, unlike physical SIMs, does not require the insertion of a physical chip in the smartphone. The Personal customer only has to obtain the voucher with the QR code in the Personal offices, scan it with his mobile phone and download the data plan to start using his line.

With the new eSIM service we are adding a new milestone of innovation with Personal that will enhance the experience of our customers. A development that will allow us to continue evolving the sales and after-sales processes, and continue expanding the portfolio of new services linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), said Martn Heine, Marketing Director of Telecom.

The eSIM for Argentina phones is now available 5