The evolution of the iPhone, the device that updated the world

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The evolution of the iPhone, the device that updated the world

The evolution of the iPhone, the device that updated the world 1

Two decades ago, the mobile phone sector ceased to be only for a few (and rich) elected, and thanks to brands like Nokia or Ericcson, anyone could feel that going down the street with Your own mobile phone. Suddenly the cabins became obsolete, everyone began to be contactable 24 hours a day. And since the beginning of the 21st century, mobile phones evolved at dizzying speed, adding new designs, larger screens, and even touch displays. But by 2007 it became clear that the sector was touching ceiling. It took something new, radically new.

Mobile Evolution Apple

At the same time that the mobile sector grew and standardized, the music changed with the turn of the century thanks to Apple and his revolutionary iPod, the walkman of the new century, which revolutionized the world of music and made it move to the new digital canons. The funny thing was that not a few followers they asked Apple to implement some type of phone on the iPod, so you can make calls and not have to carry two devices at once in your pocket. From 2005 to 2007 in Apple they worked frantically to create Steve Jobs' next dream, the same as a January 9, 2007 It came true.

What happened that day? Than Apple held an event for history. Jobs, with the appearance and clothing with which he will always be remembered, introduced the world to the iPhone, a mobile that added to its definition a concept that until now had not been made official – Nokia's N-Gage for example had come out before: Smart Phone, or Smartphone, a mobile that was used to call, send messages, but also to surf the Internet, send emails, photos through the Web, listen to music, watch videos, etc., and with a huge, touch screen and a single front button to handle it .

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He was born not only the phone Apple, if not one of the most important and transcendental inventions of the last two centuries. A device that in 12 years has only evolved, such as the channel video Apple Explained is responsible for review showing the evolution of the iPhone, its design and its features, from the original model to the recent iPhone XS, XS MAX and XR of 2018, going through the revolutionary design of iPhone X or the iconic iPhone 5.

A device that updated the world

In 2007 the mobile It was one more device, A device at our service. Now how many live by and for your mobile? The smartphone has connected to the whole world, and we can be in the subway going to work in Madrid and chatting in real time with a friend who is sleeping in Tokyo while we buy something in an American store. Social networks have changed society, the way we relate, and on the phone we carry apps with which we pay, we control our checking account, we make documents, we send reports, we upload videos, we save photos, we consult maps …

The whole life in a device. And the first iPhone was the original, the model on which all were based, the standard to follow. Apple he thought he had revolutionized the mobile sector itself, but seen now, 12 years later, it turns out that he was anticipating a future in which everything is ‘smart’: clothes, watches, attendees like the Alexa of Amazon or the HomePod of Apple, glasses, toys, vehicles, houses …

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And all that of a mobile. Right now the mobile phone sector is stagnant again, it needs again a revulsion as radical as the one he had a decade ago. The only question is, who will give it to you? Will it be again Apple? At the moment we cannot answer it, but we can congratulate the terminal that changed everything, to all those who Apple they left their skin for those exhausting two years, and the ambitious genius of Steve Jobs, who got what he wanted: to change the world.

Or at least, connect it

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