The facial recognition of Amazon now you can identify the fear

by Kelvin

Amazon Rekognition, the facial recognition and analysis service of Amazon Web Services (AWS), now he is able to recognize fear in people's faces. Of course, technology relies on artificial intelligence to achieve its goal. This emotion adds to another seven already present on the platform: happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, confusion, calm and surprise.

Rekognition is already able to recognize a total of 8 emotions


Additionally, the company claims to have improved the recognition of all available emotions, as well as the accuracy to identify the approximate age, gender and facial gestures of a person. It should be noted that the artificial intelligence of Amazon not only works in photographs, but also in videos. The analysis of the material generates metadata that are used to determine various attributes.

The platform update comes in the middle of a wave of criticism towards those directed by Jeff Bezos. Protesters have expressed that, as the US government is one of the clients of Amazon Rekognition, the technology would be used in operations against immigrants. The controversy has recently spread to other units.

Just in May of this year, the general meeting of shareholders of the company voted in favor of sell Rekognition services to the Police of the North American country. The authorities will use it to identify and find criminals, in search of missing children and to prevent document fraud. However, there is concern about the permanent monitoring of the system.

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said in 2018 that facial recognition is a technology that can give various benefits to society, but is not exempt from becoming an abuse without regulation. "Unless we act, we run the risk of waking up in five years and discovering that facial recognition services have been extended in a way that increases social problems. By then, these challenges will be much more difficult to repress," he added. .

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