The first beta version of Android 11 for Redmi 9. Want to try it?

by Kelvin
Первая бета-версия Android 11 для Redmi 9

First beta of Android 11 for Redmi 9

It is not a bestseller of the brand, but Redman 9 is one of the cheapest phones that has become the best selling on Amazon over the past few months. We’re talking about a phone that usually costs around € 120 and has everything we need to become our everyday smartphone.

The smartphone went on sale in our country last year with Android 10 and MIUI 12, and since then, many phone users have been idly waiting for the arrival of MIUI 12.5 and Android 11. Well, that day has arrived, although the update of the company’s latest operating system is accompanied by MIUI 12, not the top version. into the Xiaomi layer.


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Android 11 beta for Xiaomi Redmi 9

Although versions with Android 11 released for Redmi Note 9S As part of the Mi Pilot program in recent weeks, tests have not quite convinced Xiaomi developers. For this reason, many of the tuning layers that we worked on were doomed to varying delays. This is exactly what happened with Xiaomi’s cheap mobile phone.

Now My pilot program where beta versions of the operating system appear, MIUI version is welcomed, which in its changelog reports that it comes with an Android security patch updated to May 2021 to ensure higher system security and stable MIUI based on Android 11 … This is due to the improvement of the Xiaomi Mi Cloud. Thanks to this, the location information can now be reported automatically before the device is turned off.

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This is the global version MIUI 12 beta with Android 11 as a base, and to get it, you must subscribe to the My Pilot program where the manufacturer places a tester for their operating systems. If selected, you will receive an update notification to download the beta to your device.

Of course, keep in mind that the previous version of MIUI usually has a lot more bugs than the latest version of the Xiaomi operating system. The brand knows that MIUI 12 was not his best work, so he needs all possible user help to get the final version up and running Android 11 for Redmi 9 the best possible.