The first great escape from Galaxy Fold 2 reveals several key details

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Samsung's first folding phone launch turned out to be a shame for the company, which had to admit that its original design Galaxy Fold The end was a disaster. Even so, Samsung patched the Fold, supposedly solved the design problems that broke the screen during the first tests. Now, the company is moving towards a new release date. Regardless of how the Galaxy Fold in stores, Samsung is not giving up its dream of making more folding phones, and the company is now working on a new folding design that could be really attractive: a device similar to Galaxy Note 10 that folds into a square

The Galaxy Note 10 is easily one of the best looking phones, as long as you love devices with large screens. Even the smallest model has a large 6.3-inch screen, which means the phone is still quite large. But what if you could fold a Galaxy Note 10+ 6.7 inches in half?

Samsung is "working secretly" on that device, Bloomberg reports, although the company has barely kept anything secret when it comes to new flagship phones. The new folding phone will be launched early next year and is supposed to be a premium phone that will be more affordable than the Galaxy Fold of $ 1,980.

According to reports, the phone will have a 6.7-inch screen with a selfie camera at the top of the internal screen, as does Note 10. It is said that Samsung is working with the American designer Thom Browne on the device. Outside, the phone will have two cameras that look back when the phone is open. In addition, by the way Bloomberg explained the design of the phone, there should be a secondary display outside, similar to that of the Galaxy Fold First generation

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This new device Galaxy it will be a combination of two concepts, including phones Galaxy S o Note large screen, and the rumored Motorola Razr folding. Motorola is also developing its own folding folding phone, seeking to revive the iconic Razr series from the pre-iPhone era. That phone is supposed to be launched later this year, according to the latest rumors.

Samsung's 2020 foldable phone could be cheaper and thinner than the Galaxy Fold, but the phone should still be a premium device.

Yes the Galaxy Fold It looks more like a tablet when it opens, which requires many Android optimizations and applications to maximize screen usage, the next-generation folding device will behave like a traditional phone. And this form factor could be more attractive to the masses than the first model Fold.

Bloomberg also explains that Samsung is testing the use of ultra-thin glass (UTG) material for the main screen inside the phone. This layer could have only 3% of the thickness of the glass used to protect the screens of conventional smartphones. That is certainly the kind of exciting breakthrough we expect from the manufacturers of folding devices. Hopefully, Samsung will run it without problems this time, to avoid screen durability issues.

Image source: Jacob Siegal / BGR

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