The first signs of the Xbox Game Pass games to present at the Gamescom 2019 arrive

by Kelvin

A few days ago it was confirmed that the Gamescom 2019 would be the stage to present the new games that will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass in the second half of August. Prior to that confirmation, speculation began with the possible arrival of Devi May Cry 5 to the subscription service. And again the last game of Dante seems to sound to arrive in the first signs of the Xbox Game Pass games to be presented at Gamescom 2019.

Again the official Xbox Game Pass account at Twitter He has revealed an image in which they turn, again, to the famous emails with which they themselves have played with subscribers. In a jocular way, they again use keys to give the first hints of the games of Xbox Game Pass to present at Gamescom 2019.


Now, some users have been attentive to this message and have wanted to relate it directly to Devil May Cry 5. You have to spin very fine, but the insider Klobrille has wanted to leave the final track.

If we look at the image, in the upper right part of the conversation, a morse code appears. According Klobrille, that code is translated as "combos", which suggests a couple of possibilities. The first thing would be to think of any fighting game, where there are a few games that would surely be nice to see as part of Xbox Game Pass Whether Dragon Ball FighterZ or Jump Force, are games that already have their time and could be included, since Mortal Kombat 11 is very unlikely.

The other option, to resort to recent rumors that pointed to Devil May Cry 5, a game where combos are also protagonists. In fact, tying ends, it seems more than likely that Devil May Cry 5 it could be a game that entered join Xbox Game Pass this month. Recently he has been the protagonist of new information after the discovery of a new trailer that hinted at something new. That trailer could not be seen, because the NDA imposed by Capcom prevented anyone from capturing it.

These games will leave Xbox Game Pass at the end of August

Since the Gamescom 2019 would be a perfect scenario for Capcom to present that new content related to Devil May Cry, what better scenario than the Inside Xbox on August 19 to attend both its discovery and its arrival at Xbox Game Pass.

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