The first video dismantling the iPhone 11 shows us its biggest batteries

by Kelvin
The first video dismantling the iPhone 11 shows us its biggest batteries

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Apple She is used to not giving exact figures of the hardware that her devices mount. he prefers to rely on "facts"; the famous "4 hours of screen more than the previous iPhone" or "the A13 Bionic is the most powerful mobile chip" are some of the most recognized. That's why we had to wait for someone Upload a video by disassembling the iPhone 11.

So it has been: the DChannel channel has been dedicated to making an exploded view of the iPhone 11 Pro (both models) to review details that have remained in the inkwell. Details are confirmed that we already advance in Omicrono as the battery increase by 25% compared to the previous generation iPhone.


We can also see important details, such as the distribution of device components to optimize space. Apple, this time, he has used an L system to house the batteries in his new iPhone.

The video disassembling the iPhone 11 that many expected

In the video we can see the complete exploded view, leaving aside even the camera modules. The design in L of the batteries of the new iPhone is confirmed, being that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max the most interesting. While the battery of the iPhone XS Max was 12.06 watt-hours, that of the 11 Pro Max is 15.04 watt hours.

This implies an important detail: that the increased battery life will be noticed more by the size of the battery than by the optimization of the software itself. Its shape of L is also striking, which allows to optimize the space for the rest of the components and accommodate more autonomy in a better distributed space.

The main difference is that the iPhone XS Max had similar batteries but separated into 2 cells, while that of the 11 Pro Max has a unified body. This makes the battery larger and thicker, but in turn can give us a little more autonomy.

Other details that we can see in the video show us that Apple The more rectangular and small plate on the new iPhone 11 has changed, again to leave more space for the components.

The tests will have to be performed but everything points to the additional 5 hours of screen that Apple He promised on average his new devices will be a reality thanks to the increase in battery they have received. At least we will be closer to that statement.

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