The Flash 6×19: season finale brings a terrible loss to Barry

by Kelvin
The Flash 6x19: season finale brings a terrible loss to Barry

It aired yesterday (12), the season finale of the 6th season of The Flash, by The CW. The 6×19 episode, as well as in several other productions, served as an anticipated ending, but that was not why it failed to surprise and bring strong emotions to the fans. Check out our recap!

With Eva McCulloch in action and having to analyze Mirror Singh’s proposal, the team makes a bet that Carver’s wife will center her powers on the trio of black hole assassins. Ralph Dibny takes out the diamond given by Sue, while Brazilian Allegra manages to capture UV energy.

This allows for the location of a large warehouse, where Ralph and Barry manage to capture Mirror Singh before the place burns down. He confesses that Carver knew his wife had been captured and imprisoned in the Mirroverse, and that he had only benefited from the technology she left behind.


Barry talks to Carver at Jitters and tells him that Eva intends to kill him, explaining what happened in the Mirrorverse. Carver confesses, via video, that he knew Iris had been thrown into that dimension and that there is probably nothing left of her to be saved due to the long period of neurodissonance.

Arriving at Carver’s house, Sunshine, Black Hole, Ultraviolet and Hoshi disappear one by one as Eva appears reflected in mirror surfaces and pulls everyone inside.

In the CSI lab, the Flash team is gathered to reflect on Carver’s revelations about the possibility of Iris’s mind moving.

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After discovering his missing killers, Carver decides to apply for federal protection and Singh offers to escort him. But he pulls Barry aside and offers a trade-off: his freedom to welcome Iris back. Barry begins to reflect when Nash explodes a smoke bomb to teleport everyone to STAR Labs.

Getting to understand the “dupes” created by Eva, Carver offers his panic room at McCuloch Technologies to protect against any kind of external threat through protection by an ion field. As everyone begins to clear the place, the Three appear destroying the ion field’s energy source.

Barry runs to restore power. Ralph, Allegra, Nash and Sue fight the Three. Barry finds Mirror Singh in the basement and sees the fake cop fall apart and transform into… Eva! She throws shrapnel from her broken mirror from Carver’s office and hits Flash in the shoulder. Eva manages to kill Carver, but saves Barry’s life.

Eva proposes an alliance to Barry but he refuses even knowing that it would be an opportunity to understand the workings of Eva’s brain and, who knows, to recover Iris. Barry says “goodbye, for now” to Blizzard.

Imprisoned in the Mirrorverse, Iris begins to “crack” and, without the control of the blink of an eye, we ask ourselves: what will be her destiny?

Text written by Jorge Marin via Nexperts.