The force 5,000 nits: this is how the great film directors imagine the …

by Kelvin
The force 5,000 nits: this is how the great film directors imagine the ...

The human eye sees in high resolution, with millions of color variations. However, along the way to reflect reality in audiovisual images, many nuances remain. The great film director has sighed for the perfect color for decades. And now they can do it with High dynamic range QR HDR technology, which incorporates Samsung QLED TVs.


Since the first film saw the light there at the end of the 19th century, the race to achieve a more reliable representation of reality has been unstoppable. Sound and color immediately enter the location. With digital format, high resolution spin, followed by Full HD, 4K and, now, 8K technology. But the real revolution is present in the representation of color. It is 5,000 story nits and how they changed the way they understand television.

Luminance and power nits

Color, without light, is nothing. With his absence, everything is black. The light reaches the human eye in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are captured by photoreceptors and translated into nerve signals that reach the brain. This is how we see the color. Why for there to be color, there must first be light.

To talk about the light emitted by objects, scientifically, people talk about lighting. This is defined as the amount of luminous flux that emerges from the surface in a particular direction. In reference to the audiovisual world, we talk about lighting to refer to the light emitted by the screen.

Luminance is measured in candles per square meter., the candles become an international system unit to measure the intensity of light. Candles per square meter, also called nit, are often used to determine the brightness of the screen or monitor. That is, the amount of light that television can emit. So what happens when a television arrives? 5,000 nits?

Dynamic range (high) and HDR revolution

When a film director imagines his work, he does not think of a flat image. Imagine contrast, shadows and lights, unlimited color variations. Translated into lighting, think black (with values ​​close to zero nits) and bright colors of thousands of nits. Traditionally, television did not reach real blacks and the maximum lighting value did not exceed 300 nits. Let us say standard dynamic range.

However, with HDR technology, or the high dynamic range of colors, the door opens to show bright black colors with thousands of illuminated nits. Thanks to technology such as the Q HDR and the Samsung QLED processor, each scene is optimized to offer the highest brightness and brightness range probable contrast with brightness up to 5,000 nits (Depending on the model).

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) defines the HDR system as “determined and designed to capture, process and reproduce scenes that cover the full range of details that can be seen in shadows and lights, with sufficient accuracy and adequacy . acceptable level of artifacts, including sufficient separation between white diffuse lights and high mirror lights «.

What is the meaning of this? More real reproduction. The details of the dark scene do not disappear, blacks are purer and whiter. Y all the colors between the edges become brighter It seems that the image comes alive. In short, the audience sees the color as the director imagined in the first place.

Millions of pixels and impossible angles.

In television, HDR technology began to become popular with the advent of 4K and has reached its maximum expression in the hands of 8K televisions of 33 million pixels. Different HDR standards try to provide the highest level of detail possible on the screen, especially in very bright areas. But This is not the only thing that plays a role in understanding color..

Quantum dot technology, exclusive to Samsung QLED TVs, allows you to reproduce a 100% color volume. This translates into a more pure and intense tone, but how? Quantum dots are semiconductor particles that form QLED panels. When they are hit by a light source (from an LED TV panel), they emit it again with a certain wavelength.

Namely, 6 nm quantum particles emit wavelengths of around 650 nm. Or, what is the same, the color is red. In this way, much purer colors are obtained than those obtained with filters that are generally used on the screen.

On the other hand, thanks to the quantum dot coating with metal alloys, the Samsung QLED TV achieves optimal light diffusion. Therefore, they managed to maintain the purity and intensity of the color, regardless of the point of view. I mean The quality of the television experience will not be affected by the places where the audience feels connected to the screen.

It adapts to reflect lights and shadows and cover the entire range of contrast. The colors are high so that the details of the image do not disappear along the way. Quantum dots of light that shine at all angles. The relationship between light and color is getting closer. As film directors have imagined for decades.

The Samsung QLED 8K family

The Samsung QLED 8K family

The 8K resolution, four times higher than the 4K resolution, offers the best possible realism. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence 8K, images are represented in greater depth and realism: television can scale content and Improve image quality at resolutions very close to 8K and the brightness and contrast level of HDR 5000.

The Samsung QLED 8K TV is also compatible with AirPlay2, Google Assistant/ Home and Alexa from Amazon, and is accompanied by an advanced One Remote Control Premium command with an integrated Bixby wizard to control all connected devices and easily access their content to control all connected devices and easily access their content. There are models available from 55 «with a cover greater than 98 98 to enjoy exceptional image quality.

Samsung QLED 8K 82 ″ Q950R

The force 5,000 nits: this is how great film directors imagine colors 1

This model measures 82 «, It has all kinds of connections and in good numbers ─4 HDMI port, 3 USB, Ethernet, RF … ─ and they are the largest in the song list for all audiences. There is a model of 98 «, although we have talked about television that is suitable for a living room or a room with a very large area.

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Samsung QLED 8K 75 ″ Q950R

The force 5,000 nits: this is how the great film directors imagine the colors 2

This Samsung QLED 8K TV offers a diagonal screen of 75 » combining a high detail 8K resolution with brightness levels of up to 4,000 nits. In addition, the black levels are practically perfect thanks to the backlight control of the area, which allows you to turn off the LEDs in the dark areas of the image, maintaining the maximum brightness for the light areas.

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Samsung QLED 8K 65 ″ Q950R


This other proposal Samsung QLED 8K has a diagonal screen of 65 «. Like other Samsung QLED 8K TVs, it is also compatible with AirPlay2, such as a voice assistant Google Assistant/ Home and Alexa, and accompanied by an advanced remote control Premium One Remote Control with integrated Bixby.

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Samsung QLED 8K 55 ″ Q950R

The force 5,000 nits: this is how the great film directors imagine the colors 3

The 55-inch and 8-inch Samsung QLED model is the smallest in the 2019 range. However, it doesn't abandon HDR technology like the rest of the range and also as the others integrate technology for video game optimization, and the One Connect junction box, which connects to the TV with a thin cable that is almost invisible to the eye.

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Samsung QLED 8K 98 ″ QE98Q950R

The force 5,000 nits: this is how the great film directors imagine the colors 4

We ended up with a bigger TV. Up to 98 inches diagonally with this Samsung 8LED QLED, which is intended for all those who want to feel good all the realism and depth of image offered by 8K resolution, while enjoying the benefits of smart TVs in capital letters

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Image | Samsung, UHD Alliance

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