The frantic action of Disintegration exposed in an extensive gameplay since Gamescom 2019

by Kelvin

The other day it was confirmed that the new shooter of one of the creators of Halo, Marcus Lehto, will also arrive on Xbox One. We talk about Disintegration, a shooter developer for this new studio that has not wanted to miss an event like the Gamescom 2019 for publicize everything it will offer. And it is precisely in the event where the frantic action of Disintegration in a gameplay accompanied by the creative director.

One of the protagonists of this game is an element that is known as grav-cycle, an antigravity motorcycle equipped with heavy weapons and that will be the means through which the player will face the enemies. It's like that Disitegration It looks like an innovative shooter for the use of this means of combat, something that you can see continuation in this multiplayer gameplay.


This gameplay is taken from a small event that the PCGamer medium, the PC Gamer Show of the Gamescom 2019, where Lehto wanted to share his impressions and goals with Disintegration Lehto explains that the player will be supported by more units while executing the attack. There is a strategy component in a game that combines the action of shooters with RTS strategic elements in real time. A combination that can be winning, a frantic action that is embodied in Disintegration, and that we can see in this extensive gameplay from the Gamescom 2019.

When addressing the history of Disintegration, an independent campaign for a player is exposed to the one exposed in this gameplay. It is set in a world in which humanity has found a way to remove its brain and implement it in a robotic body. Although at the beginning this served to survive the climatic devastation, now, the factions fight for control, where the faction called Rayonne, is one that does not want to return to its human body.

It is still too soon to know when will Disintegration arrive on Xbox One, so we will have to keep waiting.

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