The function & # 039; Quick view & # 039; from Apple now allows retailers to sell products using …

by Kelvin
The function & # 039; Quick view & # 039; from Apple now allows retailers to sell products using ... 1

Back in 2018, Apple Introducing "Quick Look", an ARKit-based feature that enables an instant augmented reality (AR) experience in applications like Messaging, Safari, and more.


And now Apple expanding that feature to support large-scale retailers. The Quick View feature is, at face value, a great and easy way to see how furniture can fit in your home, for example. But switching between apps isn't always fun, and can sometimes cause too much friction between the buying process. I see Apple make it easier.

As reported by TechCrunch Thursday Apple You are expanding the Quick View feature to support direct links when someone sees something with the AR feature. Custom buttons can even lead to Apple Pay link, let the person pay for the item immediately. The link can also start a conversation with a company customer service representative.

But that is not all. Apple He also developed spatial audio for the experience, too:

Apple Also support silent scrolling for spatial audio to Quick Look in the latest developers of iOS and iPad OS, allowing these 3D models to emit sounds, such as bleep and bloop toys, or music from the speakers, from where have placed in the room. Move around the room, and the sound should change accordingly.

Some major retailers have already started rolling out this feature, including 1-800-flowers, Home Depot, Bang & Olufsen, and Wayfair. This is a potentially huge step for AR, and not the slightest surprise. Apple making it the primary focus point for the overall iOS experience, considering it's built in ARKit.

Will this be another step in the right direction for AR in general? Very capable Along with some gaming experience, shopping is a great way to experience AR. What do you think? Are you going to try this?

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