The future of gaming: a chat with PlayHard about it

by Kelvin
The future of gaming: a chat with PlayHard about it

The gaming world has evolved a lot in recent years. With the arrival of new generations of consoles and especially the smartphones, the competitive gaming landscape has undergone major changes.

With the support of Oi Fibra, TecMundo spoke with none other than Bruno Bittencourt, better known as PlayHard (or simply PH). For those who don’t know, he is CEO of Loud, one of the largest eSports and digital influencers organizations in Brazil, with nearly 10 million subscribers and over 1 billion views in the channel’s videos on YouTube.


In this chat, we had the opportunity to talk a little about the future of games and how PlayHard sees trends in the gaming world.

A little about this conversation

The history of PlayHard started a long time ago with games like clash of clans, but today the Free Fire dominates the mobile sports gaming scene. PH revealed the possibility of emerging a new title that debunks the current game and how this can happen.

He also shared with us his preference for platforms other than mobile and explained how the war between different streaming services has worked. Many of these options are not available here, but some are expected to arrive in Brazil soon.

Finally, PH spoke a little about the dimension of mobile games, championships, awards and how this market has grown and will still grow a lot in the coming years. You’re wrong to think that mobile games focus only on titles like candy Crush, which is also a powerhouse. The chat ended with a discussion about the three paths that the future of games should follow: digital only consoles, streaming platforms and mobile games.

the internet matters

Whichever path the games industry takes, one thing is certain: a quality internet will always be an important differential in the competitive scenario. That’s why Oi Fibra is supporting the creation of this content, and we opened this space for the company to share Black Friday offers.

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In addition to a powerful connection, Oi Fibra guarantees a lot of stability and the possibility of several devices being connected at the same time without harming the experience of other devices. While one person is playing a game, the other can watch movies and series or download a lot on the computer.

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