The Galaxy Note 10 is prettier, but also harder to repair

by Kelvin
The Galaxy Note  10 is prettier, but also harder to repair

Repair the Galaxy Note 10 will be complicated

The new exploded view in the operating room of iFixit has left some interesting notes as far as the interior design of the device is concerned. This directly affects the exploded view and the possible repairs of the team, so let's analyze some of the discoveries found by iFixit in this beautiful exploded view.


And we say beautiful because Samsung has managed to make another museum piece that is especially beautiful in the hand. The corners have rushed to the maximum once again, the screen occupies almost the entire front and the terminal feels like a single piece of design that together with the brightness of the glass seems to be a real piece of jewelry. But like the great jewels, this one must also be treated with care, and the thing is complicated when trying access inside.

The back cover still uses the annoying glue that today has become the standard solution for any type of device. Obviously it is difficult to find another solution that does not require anchors, so the sticky rubber It will continue to exist for a long time. The problem is that the back cover now has a grimace that dodges the volume and Bixby buttons, so removing it could cause some kind of crack if we do not handle it delicately.

Galaxy Note  10 repair

The images of iFixit show that under it the device presents a novel distribution, with the main board occupying the upper part and leaving the rest of the body for the generous battery. As pointed out in iFixit, this solution is similar to that used in Pixel 3, which implies the use of flat cables to communicate the main board with the daughter board located at the bottom (speakers, USB port, vibrator, etc) . The battery is very close to the back of the screen and this could cause problems, especially after having to remove all the cables that pass over the battery.

Another interesting point of the motherboard is that it now arrives in sandwich format, since a stacked plate allows better use of space. The idea is great, however, iFixit suggests that it looks suspiciously like an idea already used by Apple on your iPhone. It is worth mentioning that the speaker is attached to the back of the screen, and that would explain the absence of a speaker at the bottom of the device. How it sounds? The waves bounce through the metal plate inside and are channeled to the hole in the bottom of the device.

GAlaxy Note 10 repair

The phone has many replaceable parts, which is excellent news, however, one of the main causes of repair are the screen breaks, an element that requires opening the device completely and removing each of the parts that form it. These inconveniences make the score given by iFixit stay at 3, something that does not surprise us at this point, because if there is something we have learned is that if a phone is nice, it will be tremendously difficult to repair.

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