The Gear VR is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10

by Kelvin

You can get the new one Galaxy Note 10 do not use with the Gear VR headset. The end of telephone-based VR glasses seems to be clearly in sight.

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Gear VR with the latest compatible Note, the Note 9

Galaxy Note 10 does not work with Gear VR

In 2014, Samsung launched the first version of the Gear VR virtual reality headset. Since then various versions of the glasses have appeared – the most recent (SM-R325) was released in 2017. You can still use this with newer devices like the Galaxy S10. Also with the Note 9, it is compatible, provided you have the required adapter. With the arrival of the Galaxy Note 10, however, a lot is changing.

As The Verge reports, the new ones are Galaxy Note 10 models cannot be used with the Gear VR. Samsung itself would do this too confirmed which leaves little room for hope. Of course, Samsung would also for the Note 10 can release an adapter, or even a completely new Gear VR. Finally, the South Koreans alreadyGalaxy VR ’name fixed. However, since then there have not been many concrete indications that new mobile VR glasses are indeed being developed.

Goodbye, Gear VR?

And so it seems that mobile VR glasses are slowly disappearing from the scene. Samsung will also think the future lies in AR applications, or in stand-alone headsets. The logic behind it is clearer, but it is a pity. Finally, the Gear VR was one of the most accessible ways to experience virtual reality. At the beginning of 2018 even the Galaxy A8 support, so you don't even need an expensive high-end smartphone to get started.

Do you have a Gear VR, which you might have with the Galaxy Note 10 wanted to use? Does anyone care? Or is it not too bad, and does nobody shed a tear?

Unlike the Gear VR, the Galaxy Note 10 can now be purchased in many places – or at least: to reserve. Check Samsung's own shop HERE for the pre-order promotion where you get € 100 extra back for your old phone. More about the Note You can read 10 (Plus) in our hands-on preview.

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