The global version of Black Desert Mobile is now available in certain countries.

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The global version of Black Desert Mobile is now available in certain countries. 1

More than a year has passed since the launch in Asia Black Desert Mobile, the mobile adaptation of the successful MMORPG from the Pearl Abyss studio. Until now, it was only available in Korean. After a long wait, the international version of the game finally has an official release date: December 12, 2019. However, we have good news for anyone who doesn't want to wait until then. The smooth release of this title is now available in several countries.

The first versions of the game were officially released in Canada, Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland and Australia, but you can play them using any VPN service that allows you to be connected from one of these countries. With free services like Melon VPN, the game works perfectly. However, if you are going to play in general, we recommend using a paid service. Regardless of how you access the game, all progress you make will be carried over to the final version. This APK APK only requires 80MB, but as soon as you open it, the game will install 265GB on your device

Although we see several MMORPGs appearing every day, Black Desert is not just another game. Liberation of Asia Having 4 million players are pre-registered and have now been played by over 10 million users. Since the game was only available in Korean until now, it was very impressive. Also, pre-registration for western releases has been interesting 2 million restless soulsOnce again, a lot of reminder there are still two more months until the worldwide launch.

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The best MMORPG available on Android

So why is everyone so eager for Black Desert Mobile? On a visual level, this is definitely one of the most sophisticated games thanks to the original 3D engine that makes it easy compared to any PC or game console. But as an MMO, it also seems to be one of the best Asian MMORPGs, as we have seen in the PC version, which is currently among the top 25 games with the most active users on Steam.

The global version of Black Desert Mobile is now available in certain countries. two

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