The GM version of iOS 13 and beta 3 of iOS 13.1 are now available

by Kelvin
All the news that comes with iOS 13.1 beta

Yesterday afternoon Apple He had keynote, one of the most important of the year than the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and many more things. But in addition to the new devices, we also had important news related to the software.


The first is that we already know when we can install iOS 13 and iPadOS on our iPhone and iPad and the second is that the company launched hours after the end of the event the GM version of iOS 13 and beta 3 of iOS 13.1 for developers and users of the public beta.

What does GM mean?

GM is short for Golden Master, Apple You use it in the latest beta of your operating systems. iOS 13 will officially come out next week and, if there are no serious errors, the GM version released yesterday will coincide with the public version that everyone can install.

iPadOS and iOS 13

In addition to this the third beta of iOS 13.1 was also released, two betas that have coincided in time. Recall that with iOS 13.1 come important news that Apple announced for iOS 13 and they have failed to have time for version 13.0.

There is very little left for we can enjoy all the news of iOS 13 on our devices Here you have a small list with all the improvements and tests we have done with iOS 13:

  • New Dark Mode
  • New redesigned Photos app.

  • Login with Apple, to register on websites without your data being exposed.
  • New Look Around option on Maps similar to Google Street View
  • Compatibility with a mouse.

  • New Memoji customization options and the new Memoji Stickers
  • New less intrusive volume indicator.

  • The NFC opens to developers.
  • Possibility to read an external memory and copy its files.
  • New Search app with interesting improvements.
  • Redesign of the App Store.

  • Improvements in Safari with a new download manager.
  • Sliding keyboard.
  • Face ID is 30% faster.

  • Apps take half the time to open and take up less.
  • CarPlay is also updated with significant improvements.

Very soon we can enjoy all these news since next September 19 iOS 13 will be officially released for all compatible iPhone.