The Google app and Assistant miss dark mode

by Kelvin
La aplicación de Google y Assistant estranan modo oscuro

We have announced two days that in more than one Google application dark mode is being included. Every morning we wake up with a new application that finally adapts and today it is the turn of two of the most used: Google Assistant and Google Searches. These two applications have been updated on the server side to show the new dark mode. They are two very important applications and more used by users daily. Now they join the club in the dark way that the company opened a while ago. These sudden announcements are happening for the presentation of Android 10 a few days ago.

Yesterday was Google Play the application responsible for updating. He did it on the server side and with a configuration to be able to change from light to dark mode anytime. This same situation occurred two days ago with Gmail, the company's email service. From this moment you should already be able to use it in dark mode.


Google searches and the wizard are also dyed dark gray

Today we woke up with two other applications of the company that are receiving this dark mode. The first is Google Searches, the application that opens by default when you search for something in the Google widget. You should not confuse this application with Google ChromeWell, they are not the same.

Google Searches has been updated with a manual setting to activate dark mode. You can do it in just a few seconds, although you must wait until it is available on your device. The update should not be downloaded, but it comes from the server side. We have tried to replicate it and It seems that it is still early for our region.

The Google app and Assistant miss dark mode 2

In the case of Google Assistant the same thing is happening. The application is seeing a new interface in dark mode that leaves aside the predominant white color. Yes, the pop-up window that appears from the bottom when you wake it up has also been dyed dark gray, just like the rest of the interface.

In both cases the changes in Pixel and Samsung devices, so that it's not an exclusive update of Android 10. It seems that all users can use this dark mode in Google Searches and in Google Assistant regardless of the operating system we are in.

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