WhatsApp is, without looking at any study, the most popular messaging application in the world and no matter how much Google endeavors to launch RCS clients that can compete with it, efforts may be in vain. Despite that, Google knows that WhatsApp is an important app even if it is owned by its main competitor, Facebook. That has made the Google assistant has been gradually integrating functions with this messaging app if they do not want other attendees to win the battle.


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It's been a while since Google’s assistant added the possibility that WhatsApp could send text messages through the Google assistant (with a simple command) and now new features have arrived to the virtual assistant. What are these news?

WhatsApp already allows you to make video or voice calls using Google Assistant

It is true that Google has an app at home that does this, or even several such as Duo or Hangouts. However, voice calls through WhatsApp are much more popular and why deny it … Google has announced that from today you can make voice calls and video calls through the WhatsApp application on Android.

How to make a WhatsApp call with the Google assistant?

The process is not complex at all, the only thing you should memorize is the command you should use for it:

  • Calls: Ok Google, WhatsApp call with David
  • Video calls: Ok Google, WhatsApp video with David.

Unfortunately, Google has not given many more details about this function in the announcement they have made today and even though we have tried neither the voice calls nor the WhatsApp video calls still work with the Google assistant (at least in Spain) . Google has commented that these new features will arrive gradually to all Android phones that have the updated Google Assistant application.

It will be necessary to see if in the near future it adds the odd news such as the possibility of sending a voice note or even sharing a photo by WhatsApp. It is true that everyone wants to have their own WhatsApp but with the current popularity of the app it is difficult for a short-term competitor to come out unless Facebook Do something to ruin the app.

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