The Google camera will receive manual controls

by Kelvin
Google Pixel 4

The Google camera is one of the most popular applications in your field on Android. Many see it as the best in this field, and little by little phones in the market can make use of it, like the Xiaomi Mi A3 recently. While this camera is good, it is not the best on the market, something that many users know, so the company works on improvements.4


One of the improvements that could Getting to the Google camera are manual gestures. It is about the possibility of having professional manual controls in it. A function that could undoubtedly be a good advance for this application, making it even better.

According to new information, it has been known that the Google camera application It will have characteristics of a DSLR. No further details have been given, although it is assumed that it refers to professional hand gestures. But we will have to wait for this to be officially confirmed.

Google Pixel 3

So far, if you wanted to have these manual controls in the application, you had to use an additional application. So this would be an important advance for Android users who want to use it on their phone. It will be official shortly.

We do not have date for the arrival of these manual gestures to the Google camera. Maybe with the new generation of Pixels, which will bring a number of important improvements in this field. So we can expect many changes in this regard from the company.

We hope to know more about manual controls that we are going to find in the Google camera shortly. It is a function that will surely allow you to use this application better on your phone. So we expect more news in this regard these coming weeks.

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