The Google Pixel 4 will have its own Face ID

by Kelvin
The Google Pixel 4 will have its own Face ID

The Google Pixel 4 will have its own Face ID 2

Google is making the latest preparations for the arrival of its next smartphone to the market. It's about the room Google Pixel that many expect to know at all levels. There are many unknowns that circulate around the terminal, but it seems that little by little more things are known. One of those novelties that have leaked has been the system facial recognition of the device.

Pixel 4 with facial recognition

There are many ways you have to secure the contents of the phone so that nobody enters without your permission. One of the most advanced is that of facial recognition, which carries out a system of cameras that map a user's face to recognize it. It is true that the fingerprint sensor under the screen is an advance, but this time the protagonist is the previous one.


It turns out that in a recent leak of Google Pixel 4 two things have been shown: the first is that it will arrive with a 90 Hz screen, which will allow play images at 90 fps, an ideal refresh rate for the most gamers. The second is the arrival of a new security system for the phone that will be the facial recognition. According to the image you have above this paragraph and published by 9to5Google presents a network of sensors that measure not only the volume and shape of the face, it also takes into account the light that is used and the proximity to improve the system and that The result is as optimal as possible. Just wait to see how it looks in the final version of the terminal.