The Google store will start selling refurbished products

by Kelvin
The Google store will start selling refurbished products

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Refurbished products are a great option for those users who do not want to pay too much money with the greatest guarantees. These products have already had an owner but have been returned for various reasons, whether due to dissatisfaction of the buyer, a fault that has already been resolved, and so on. The Google store, the Google Play Store, has got to work.

These products are not new, and stores like those of Apple They have a complete section dedicated to these reconditioned. The stores make sure that these products have all the quality guarantees available, and now the Google Play Store You will sell them.


Google has already opened its program "Certified Refurbished" It offers refurbished products. Unfortunately it is not yet available in Spain but it is a matter of time before that initiative is being established in our country.

The Google store will sell refurbished products

This initiative follows a specific process to ensure that the refurbished products that are sold have no problem. According to Google, the process of verifying these products goes through 4 steps.

First Google obviously inspects the product; Once it has been confirmed that it is good for sale, they clean the product and if they need repairs of any kind, they are carried out. After this, they submit the product to various tests to verify that its use is safe and correct. Of course, Google makes no mention of battery replacement as it does Apple.

As for the guarantee, Google ensures that they trust their program can offer at least one year warranty, As it does with new products. Of course we will have financing options in case we cannot (or want) to pay a high amount of money at once.

In addition to the fact that this service, for now, is not in Spain, the fact that only 2 products are sold for now: a PixelBook for $ 749 and a pack of 3 Google WiFi for $ 179. This will move to Spain; At the beginning there will be few products of this style, but Google will gradually offer more products and not only those that the same brand discontinues.

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