The Great, series with Elle Fanning, will win season 2

by Kelvin
The Great, series with Elle Fanning, will win season 2

the great entered the Hulu catalog less than two months ago, but was an immediate hit. After all, it is written by Tony McNamara, the same person responsible for The Favorite, a film that won one of the Oscar statuettes. So the acclaim came as no surprise – as was the announcement that the Elle Fanning series will win a second season.

During the quarantine, many people were able to enjoy the release of the great, which became a pleasant surprise. The series is a historical satire focused on Catherine the Great – or Catherine the Great – and her journey to take over Russia.


More details on the renewal of the great

Although everything is already told in the history books, it is much more fun to see the reign of Catherine the Great in the form of satire and with some events changed to provide a better experience. The question now is just to run away from spoilers scattered throughout history pages on the internet.

Because it was written by Tony McNamara, the great carries a good deal of sour humor, as we were able to appreciate in The Favorite. Much of the phenomenal experience the show offers, in addition to the script, is the responsibility of the cast cast in the lead roles.

In addition to Elle Fanning, the Hulu series also stars actor Nicholas Hoult. The interaction between the two is simply flawless to watch.

the first season of the great is available on Hulu, a Disney streaming that, for now, is not available in Brazil.

Text written by Flávio Motta Coutinho via Nexperts.