The Halo app will close its doors starting tomorrow

by Kelvin
The Halo app will close its doors starting tomorrow

Sometimes it happens that a service or application leaves a company's plans. Either by thinking about major projects, or because it has not met a minimum. Sometimes it is simply because they are no longer necessary those applications. And therefore it is preferable to focus these efforts elsewhere.

This is what happened with the Halo PC application, which will close its doors from tomorrow. This means that the application will be accessible, but it will not have any support or content. In addition, much of the content will disappear from the application.


As the 343 team looks to the future and works on Halo's future, we periodically evaluate everything we currently operate and support throughout the franchise's ecosystem. As time goes by, several applications and services are out of reach and are given priority, since they are no longer a key component of our future plans and aspirations. The cessation of support releases resources that can be redeployed into better services for the future.

Today, we want to inform you about our plans to officially dismantle the Halo application on PC with Windows as of 08/16/2019.

The Halo ecosystem focuses on Waypoint

With this movement, 343 Industries wants to center everything within Halo Waypoint, so all past, present and future content will be accessible from the meeting point for fans of the franchise. Halo Wars 2 statistics will be accessible from this application until February 2020, but the 343 team advises to consult them better from Waypoint.

Likewise, You can no longer load Halo Wars 2 or Halo 5: Forge from the application Halo for PC, now you will have to do it individually. There will be no performance problems or gaming experience since the app was only a launcher.

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