The happy and brief time when there were no leaks on the iPhone

by Kelvin
The happy and brief time when there were no leaks on the iPhone

Although it seems impossible now, there was a time when there were no leaks on the iPhone. Moreover, nobody knew of its existence as a product except those who worked on it. Technology followers flirted with the idea of ​​a terminal made in Apple, but they didn't take it seriously. They even made jokes about it.

More than eleven years after its original release, the picture is totally different. What was that era really like?


Going back to the 2004-2006 period

To better understand the situation, we have to get into context. In 2006 Apple He had left the ghost of bankruptcy behind. Steve Jobs He had taken the reins of the company again in the summer of 1997, when the company was only weeks away from the financial disaster. The iMac and iPod had taken care of giving Apple time first, oxygen to breathe later.

motorola rokr This is the Motorola ROKR, the first phone that supported songs loaded from iTunes.

If you do something that is very good, then you should pursue and do something wonderful, do not get too much time in it. Just find out what comes next – Steve Jobs.

They say that the success of the iPod made Jobs nervous, who saw their main threat on the phones. Around 2004, the development of screens started multitouch with the intended to be used on a tablet. At one point, Scott Forstall and Steve Jobs decided to park the tablet and direct their efforts towards a multi-touch phone. This effort was known under the internal name of "Project Purple".

The iPhone was born from multitouch technology initially intended for a bite apple tablet

In 2006 the project was on the right track. Forstall and his team in charge of the development of iPhone OS, the original name of iOS, advanced at a good pace although the software was far from being fully functional. In fact, the presentation of the iPhone in January 2007 still lacked much to do.

The engineers had created a golden path where all actions worked perfectly in a certain order. You left them and the phone could stay frozen. But there was still time for presentation. Between 2004 and 2006 the rumors barely shed light on what was happening in Cupertino from the inside out.

This is how they imagined the iPhone in 2006

In the years before the launch of the iPhone, Apple I had made a collaboration with Motorola to launch the ROKR, a traditional mobile phone with iTunes support. But it was a failure. Although the idea fell among the enthusiastic public. Thanks to a Reddit thread, we can get an idea of ​​what that era was like when we hardly knew details about the products of Apple.

This is how these mockups were born, concepts that technology fans created from the very little that was known over the phone of Apple.

Ipodphone The iPod Phone, basically an iPod mini with keys and camera very similar to other phones of the time. Iphone flip The iPhone Flip with cover format. Identical to the one manufactured by most manufacturers at the time. Islider iSlider, sliding type to display the keyboard. It has nothing to distinguish it from other phones.

All of them are phones that go in line with the popular models of that time. No apex of what would come next With the iPhone. Nobody Why was that era so different from now?

The vicious circle of rumors

Steve Jobs

The answer is quite simple: because it didn't attract attention. There was no audience interested in knowing details about the iPhone because nobody knew what it was. It had not become an integral and indispensable part of our lives. No one had used it. No one had turned around with the car to return home because he had forgotten it on the nightstand.

The incredible popularity beyond the technological public is responsible for feeding the machinery of the rumors

In short, there was no demand to know what secrets a new iPhone would bring. Neither Apple It was the objective of financial and investment analysis by shareholders, institutions and banks. It was much smaller, less influential and with less secrets to filter. In the absence of that desire, there were no incentives in the supply chain, there were no leaks of iPhone components, designs and models. Therefore, there was nothing to publish in the media.

Without attention, there were no rumors.

In the same Reddit thread they tell us how the presentation of the iPhone caught everyone by surprise. There were little voices that talked about hazy phone Apple. Others who said the company was preparing a widescreen iPod. But nobody was expected to be the same product. This is how this part of the original iPhone presentation keynote is much better understood today:

An iPod, a telephone and an internet communications device. Do you get it? There are not three independent devices. It is only one. And we call it iPhone.

The few rumors about the iPod and the iPhone claimed that both would have a click-wheel. That's the reason Steve Jobs put this slide in the presentation, teasing the audience and revealing the absurdity of the concept. Do not. Apple He had an ace on his sleeve in the form of multitouch technology.

Screenshot 2018 09 05 At 10 49 54

Many veteran users remember with melancholy this time. A time when you came to the presentations of Apple without knowing anything about what they were going to show the world. You experienced surprise and enthusiasm. Now, the situation is very different.

Apple He has earned the first company to reach a billion dollars. But that success and popularity it comes with a cost that takes its toll on the secrecy of the company.

Image | Scott Zhang

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