The Huawei Mate 30 will be presented on September 19

by Kelvin
The Huawei Mate 30 will be presented on September 19

As we mentioned in a previous article, the launch of the Mate 30 and 30 Pro will happen sooner than we all expected. Today the release date of this popular series, which will be in the month of September.

What we didn't know was the exact date and apparently it will be on September 19 the day marked for presentation globally.

This not only gives us clues about Huawei's strategy, but also that of Google. For you to understand us, we will have to reason a little, as we will see now.


According to the leaks, the Huawei Mate 30 will arrive with EMUI 10, which means that also will have Android Q as an operating system version.

The Google Pixel 4 is not expected until the end of September, so it seems very strange that Huawei releases Android version before Google phones.

That's why Google probably presents Android Q at the beginning of September, even without presenting its new flagship. We already saw this with Android Oreo and it will allow Huawei present your new high-end with the latest version of Android, something to be thankful for.

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Mate 30 Pro

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Mate 30 Pro

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In addition, if all the leaked information is true, the EMUI 10 beta and Android Q for Huawei phones will also start in September, so it gives more strength to our assumptions of an early presentation of the next version of Android.

It is good news without a doubt, Huawei on the subject of updates we can put an outstanding note, and it is probably the first brand to launch a phone to the market with Android Q series, Android version of which we still do not know its name.

I would use a panel AMOLED, which would be manufactured by BOE again, with a size of 6.7 inches @ 90 Hz with the integrated fingerprint reader and keeping the notch for face recognition.

Some of its strengths go through a fast charging technology of 55 W or a photographic configuration film quality where will you use two main sensors of no less than 40 Megapixels each backed by two other sensors that will have to wait to see if they are a wide angle and a telephoto lens. Additionally there would be a 5G variant equipped with the Balong 5000 house modem.

It is therefore expected that the Huawei Mate 30 Pro be a terminal of great ambitions, with a screen that could grow to the diagonal of the 6.7 inches that we see in the huge OnePlus 7 Pro and with a camera that will improve everything present.

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