The Huawei Mate X would launch in October

by Kelvin
Huawei Mate X

The Huawei Mate X should have reached the market in June. The manufacturer's problems with the United States and the fear of living a situation like Samsung's with its Galaxy Fold caused a delay in the launch. The phone was expected to arrive in September, although it was delayed again. I could already have a new release date now.


The Chinese brand has been making changes to the Huawei Mate X these weeks. It is said that he will use a new processor, in addition to introducing an additional camera in the device. The changes are confirmed, with which it will be renewed to the market.

Huawei has been at IFA 2019, although this Huawei Mate X could not be seen in the event. The brand said that their plans were to launch the phone in August, something that could not be. They have said that they have worked on changes and improvements in the phone, so that it is finally ready to be released to stores.

Huawei Mate X

It has not been explicitly stated what the changes are that have been introduced. The screen and the hinge area, which are two vulnerable areas in these types of phones, may have been reinforced. In addition to the other changes we have mentioned above.

In any case, they are the necessary changes so that this Huawei Mate X is ready. It is now pointed out that the phone is going to be launched in october to the shops. So in a month it should finally be official. In addition, the phone would arrive with a version with 5G, which would make use of Kirin 990 as its processor.

It is not something that has been confirmed, so we will have to wait. Maybe this Huawei Mate X is finally released in October to the market. It is a launch that many look forward to, which has been delaying for months. So we hope more will be known about it very soon.

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