The iFixit exploded view has not served to clarify whether the iPhone 11 has reversible wireless charging

by Kelvin
The iFixit exploded view has not served to clarify whether the iPhone 11 has reversible wireless charging

A bigger battery

The exploded process was so expected that iFixit decided to broadcast its peculiar surgical intervention live, so many users could see firsthand what secrets were hidden inside the device. And the interesting details came with the battery. First of all, the battery included in the iPhone 11 has proved to be thicker than that of the iPhone XS, something that has been possible thanks to the removal of the sensors from 3D Touch.


This new thickness has allowed us to offer a battery with a 30% larger capacity, so we now understand better that the first tests with the phone are returning excellent autonomy. Optimization and efficiency of the Bionic A13? Perhaps, but it is clear that a larger battery will allow more hours of use.

The reversible wireless charging of the iPhone 11: reality or fiction?

Anyway, the real surprise came when removing the battery from the chassis, since having access to the coil of the wireless charging, the girls of iFixit could observe how a new cable that did not appear on the iPhone XS is now present in the inside the iPhone 11. This cable seems to communicate the coil with the charging port, although it is not clear if it would be intended to offer bilateral charging.

According to the official documentation of Apple, this new iPhone incorporates new hardware and software with which to be able to monitor in a more advanced way the operation and performance of the battery, so it may be that this new cable will simply be the interface to be able to way this data.

It has become clear that it is a second cable connected to the wireless charging coil, however, there is no evidence that it is the mechanism necessary to activate a reversible wireless charging mode. Apparently, the phone still works without this cable connected, although the wireless charging stops working. What's hidding Apple with this system? Are we suspecting too much? Is it simply a cable to monitor the battery?