The initial stock of Galaxy Fold quickly runs out in Korea

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy Fold

After several months in which Samsung has taken very good note of the criticisms it received from the media that had the opportunity to test the Galaxy Fold before its launch, the company seems to have Fixed all bugs and made some changes to the terminal design.


Since last September 6, the Galaxy Fold It is already available in Korea through the different operators that provide their service in the country. 24 hours after launch, all units are already reserved. Yes, the initial stock was only 1,000 units. The SKT operator got rid of all the stock that was available to her in just 15 minutes.

According to the SamMobile guys, citing sources from Korea Herald, in the initial stock that operators have put on sale, The reservations of this model that Samsung offers through its stores and websites have not been counted.

According to the data provided by the operator, most of the buyers have been young people between 20 and 30 years old and most of them men, specifically 90%. The price of Galaxy Fold is Korea is 1,800 euros to change and the maximum subsidy that operators can offer is 150 euros to change, so the final price is not as high as the one we are going to find in Europe.

Samsung announced a few days ago, Samsung will arrive in Europe, starting with France, Germany and the United Kingdom on September 18 and will a price of 2,000 euros. It will arrive in Spain in mid-October, although the specific date has not yet been specified.

The initial manufacturing plans for this device, when it was scheduled to be launched in April, It was one million units. We do not know if the Korean company has changed its plans in this regard. The company's sales forecasts for Korea are between 20,000 and 30,000 units.

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