The Intel Core i9-9900K reduces its performance by up to 5% after SWAPGS mitigation

by Kelvin
The Intel Core i9-9900K reduces its performance by up to 5% after SWAPGS mitigation

This morning we announced a new vulnerability known as SWAPGS, which took advantage of a security hole of the variant of Specter V1.

While this vulnerability has already been patched, has been at the cost of losing more CPU performance, since they are software mitigations that require a small part of the system resources to operate and, according to Phoronix, after installing this update systems based on Intel processors they will lose up to 5 percent performance. It may seem little, but Intel CPUs would have already lost up to 16 percent of its performance before this update was applied.


Intel Specter Next Generation Specter NG 0

According to the Phoronix tests, where a Intel Core i9-9900K Under the latest version of the Linux kernel, this processor lost performance between 1 and 5 percent depending on the synthetic benchmark made.

As they indicate, in the benchmark Coremark there is a loss of performance around 2%. In Java about 1%, in Sockpeft v3.4 the loss is 5%, in Stress-NG They indicate that only 1%, but that the mitigations of Meltdown, Specter, Zombieload and Foreshadow have significantly reduced their performance in the past.

While performance losses are not noticeable, we must remember that this percentage of performance already adds up to 16 percent, so at the moment of truth we are talking about the loss of almost 1/5 of the performance paid after 1 year and a half of vulnerability in vulnerability.

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