The iOS 12 operating system far exceeds its predecessor iOS 11

by Kelvin

Within a month or so, the official versions of the new operating systems of the Apple, among them iOS 13. However, the current iOS 12 system still has to talk and is that the adoption rate of this would be really high, 88%. These figures put iOS 12 ahead of what iOS 11 achieved last year by this time. Below we tell you more details and analyze this data.

The adoption rate of iOS 12 continues to grow

Today the choice of iOS or Android is decided more by a personal issue of preferences and tastes, however the system of Apple He still has a trick on his rival and is that not only does he get to update devices several years old, but he reaches everyone at once. This fact makes users with an iPhone or iPad have the possibility of having the latest version of the system since it is launched.

adoptionImage: MacRumors

When iOS 11 received its latest update in 2018, it was installed in a 85% of compatible devices. This was already a good figure but it is that the 88% adoption rate collected by iOS 12 In these dates it is even better. This means that almost 9 out of 10 iPhone 5s or higher have this version of the system installed. This figure is also applicable to iPad compatible with this version.


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The fact that iOS 11 was plagued with errors and performance issues From the beginning it made users more cautious when updating. However, in iOS 12 many aesthetic and functional innovations were sacrificed with the aim of focus on bringing internal improvements. This is what seems to have convinced a large majority of users to update their equipment to the latest available software versions.

These figures have been revealed by analyst Rene Ritchie and come several months after we learned that iOS 12 already exceeded the 80% adoption rate, back in February. That is why we see a clear sample of how during these months iOS 12 has continued to grow in number of devices.

We will have to wait until September to know the final figure of this operating system and if iOS 13 inherits the success. We remember that this system is still in beta, in which there are still several errors to be polished that we hope will be solved before the official launch next month. This launch will take place, except surprise, the same day that the new iPhone are presented.