The iPhone 11 can present the same impressive screen technology as the Galaxy Note Samsung 10

by Kelvin
Sebastian Jimenez

With September just around the corner, we are only a few weeks away from Apple officially remove the details of your iPhone 11 line of 2019. Although Apple He has not sent official invitations for his annual iPhone event, a recent leak suggests that Apple The event will be held on Tuesday, September 10, followed by a worldwide launch on September 20.

From what we can deduce so far, the iPhone 11 will be a respectable update in the sense that it will offer some solid hardware improvements in all areas without any revolutionary features. In fact, the most intriguing rumor of the iPhone 11 we've seen so far focuses on the triple lens camera scheme that Apple He plans to present this year. Although it is certainly convincing, the disadvantage is that advanced cameras will be exclusive to the 6.5-inch iPhone with OLED display, a device that can be called iPhone 11 Pro Max.


As for other specifications worth noting, a recent report by TheElec states that the two iPhone 11 OLED models of Apple will incorporate the same OLED screen as the one Samsung uses in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. This is particularly interesting given that Apple previously used a custom and specially calibrated OLED screen, also from Samsung – for its line of iPhone X and iPhone XS.

The reasoning behind the movement, if necessary, remains unclear. Apple It employs a strict set of quality control requirements for its components, which perhaps suggests that the company no longer requires a customized solution for its OLED panels. Apart from that, the reality is that display technology has advanced so much in a relatively short period of time that most users probably won't even notice a difference.

As for other rumors of iPhone 11 that are worth checking out, we have seen reports indicating that the basic level iPhone 11 models of Apple They will have 128 GB of storage. If true, this would represent a nice increase of the 64 GB of storage that Apple currently used in its entry level models.

Another intriguing rumor states that Apple This year it will present a new iPhone color that will look different depending on the angle at which it is being viewed.

That said, the iPhone 11 will surely represent a compelling update, but the truth is that the next big iPhone update cycle probably won't happen until next year when Apple finally hug the 5G.

Image source: JIM LO SCALZO / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock photo

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