The iPhone 11 has only 4GB of RAM

by Kelvin
The iPhone 11 has only 4GB of RAM

There has been speculation and much about the hardware of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, especially regarding the capacity of the battery and RAM. Although Apple It does not usually give this data in a technical and numerical way, it usually takes a short time until we find out what are the real characteristics of the hardware that forms the iPhone. According to Xcode, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro both have β€œonly” 4GB of RAM, and it is also discovered that the Watch Series 5 chipset is identical to the Series 4, What make you think these new discoveries?

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The iPhone 11 has only 4GB of RAM 2

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The first Benchmarks already placed 4GB of RAM in the iPhone 11 and the same RAM in the iPhone 11 Pro, and in theory except the screen, the construction materials and a few more details, they should have the same chipset. However, strong rumors emerged saying that the iPhone 11 Pro would have 6GB of RAM to justify the surname "Pro." Nothing could be further from the truth according to the latest leaked information and that definitely ends the debate about the internal hardware of the iPhone 11 in its two versions, As we could imagine, it is totally identical in main features.

Has been Steve Troughton-Smith who through Xcode has finally confirmed that this is indeed the case:

Xcode also confirms that there is no No iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro model with 6GB of RAM. All models have 4GB of RAM.

This supposes 1GB of increase with respect to the iPhone XR (that had 3), but also supposes a stagnation with respect to the iPhone XS that already had 4GB of RAM last year. In another order of things it has also been confirmed that the processor of Apple Watch Series 5 is identical to that of Apple Watch Series 4, we didn't find any hint of performance improvement, the only change corresponds to 32GB of basic storage.

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