The iPhone 11 incorporates a new hardware that will prevent the lag in iOS 13

by Kelvin
The iPhone 11 incorporates a new hardware that will prevent the lag in iOS 13

Surely many of you will remember the great controversy that caused the slowdown in iOS performance due to battery wear, a controversy also popularly known as #BatteryGate.


Well, it seems that Apple You don't want this to happen again. The company of the bitten apple has incorporated a dynamic energy management system on the iPhone 11, on the iPhone 11 Pro and on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is a combination of hardware and software that will avoid any problem of lag when the battery of the devices deteriorates over time.

This has been communicated Apple in one of its official documents:

"The energy needs of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are dynamically monitored, and their performance is managed in such a way that it can meet these needs in real time."

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Apple system performance has improved

The system of the new iPhone 11 models is much more advanced than the battery and energy management systems of the iPhone models of previous generations. So that, Apple get reduce any impact on performance of an iPhone even if the battery deteriorates.

And is that the state of a battery greatly affects the performance of the operating system. In 2017 Apple was accused of intentionally slowing down the performance of its devices in favor of battery life. Especially in older devices.

When the company launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, they also commented that they had included special hardware to solve these types of problems. But it seems that with the arrival of the iPhone 11 they wanted to go one step further. Even so, your battery will also deteriorate some day, and will inevitably affect performance.