The iPhone 11 Max could finally be called iPhone 11 Pro

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 Pro



It seems that Apple He is not at all comfortable with the names of his latest iPhone, at least that is what the latest movements of the Cupertino firm mean in this regard, especially last year, with the change of the surname Plus by that of Max. Now everything indicates that we will have a iPhone 11 Pro.

When we are a month short of the presentation of the new iPhone 11, the leaks are increasingly insistent. And one of the last ones has given us the date on which the iPhone 11 will go on sale.

iPhone 11 Pro instead of iPhone XS Max

As we say, after many years of knowing the iPhone and iPhone Plus, last year Apple He decided to change the name of his biggest cell phone with the last name Max. Now we give a lot of credibility to this new rumor, because its author has already demonstrated in previous occasions that it is necessary to take seriously what filters. In fact last year was the one who leaked the final names within a week of its launch of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, therefore you have to give some credit with this type of leaks.

In this case it is not a filtration as clear as last year, but it does leave in the air that Apple You will use the last name «Pro» for any of your iPhone. It is clear that after everything we know about the new iPhone 11 of this 2019, we can only hope that the Pro model replace the iPhone XS Max in this year's range that is about to appear. Because in all the leaks we have met three new iPhone, which would be successors of the three that were launched last year.

iphone xs max

Therefore it seems completely unlikely that we are facing a new model that joins these three and is called iPhone 11 Pro. Rather it seems that the last name Max will give way to this new denomination. If we think about it, this denomination it would make more sense than Max's, simply because it is already used on iPad quite popular. So from this point of view it would make sense to have a Pro model that better identifies what we can expect from this smartphone. In any case we will leave doubts in the first weeks of September, it will be then when we know their technical data in depth, because when it comes to design, it seems that there is no longer any doubt that it will be somewhat controversial.

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