The iPhone 11 "premiere" something that has been in Samsung and Huawei for two years

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We are just over 10 days away from that Apple present the iPhone 11 Pro and its derivatives in a Keynote that the brand will celebrate on September 10. From 19h, Spanish time, we can confirm all the specifications and features of the iPhone 11, although today a new theory that could make a lot of sense comes to light.

Today we talk about design again but, without any precedent, we will not criticize the camera module that is housed in a square format in the upper left corner of the new mobile phones Apple. On this occasion we want to talk about a slight change in the aesthetics of the back of the smartphone that has gone unnoticed by many but that could reveal an important iPhone 11 Pro feature, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max (the issue of names gets out of hand).

As you will see, the apple logo Apple it moves towards the middle of the phone compared to previous versions of the mobile. Is this a mere aesthetic decision to move the logo away from the camera module or does the decision hide something else?

The famous change of location of the logo of Apple

There are many who speculate and wish that this year Apple finally adds the possibility of charging other devices with the iPhone battery, although this component is not precisely the strong point of the phones of Apple. For this reason it is thought that where the logo of the bitten apple is now located is where the reversible load would work in order to recharge the brand's AirPods.

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The photographs make it clear that the icon of Apple happens to be located right in the center of the phone while the current iPhone launched last year placed in the upper half of the mobile. This may be due to the fact that the wireless and reverse charging module would be housed in this area and the apple would serve as a “charging base” for the headphones Apple. Whether it is an intelligent decision or not depends on whether it finally Apple decides to give their phones a high capacity battery as much the fans of the brand demand.

Obviously, this will sound to many because it is a technology that Samsung and Huawei have been implementing in their phones for a couple of generations.

Obviously we are facing a theory of the many that populate the Network and revolve around the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro and other terminals that the brand presents in two weeks.

The iPhone 11 "premiere" something that has been in Samsung and Huawei for two years
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