The iPhone 11 will not help improve sales according to a new report

by Kelvin
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Since the first quarter of 2019 we could discover that the sales of the new iPhone XR and iPhone XS models were not giving very good results. So much so, that sales recorded their worst decline since 2016. And this may be due to a large number of factors that not only affect the iPhone, but the entire telephone industry.

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Consumers may no longer consider it necessary to update their mobile phone year after year. On the other hand, the drop in sales may also be due to the lack of innovation in hardware and design. And technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, but this does not always happen from one year to another.

However, not everything is bad news for the company of the bitten apple. At the latest tax revenue results conferences, Apple announced a record in economic gains through its services. Further, both its Apple Watch as your iPad continue to remain leaders in their respective market sectors.

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IPhone sales in recent years

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Over the past few years, analysts and investors have been anticipating their estimates for the sales of each cycle of iPhone updates. As usual, estimates used to be very high, perhaps excessively high. First it happened with the iPhone 7 in 2016, which turned out not to be a great success. Then the same thing happened with the iPhone X of 2017. They were also wrong.

Things took a totally different course, the iPhone X did not get any sales records despite its great design change and software news. And therefore, the next generation of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS model line (which did not implement major changes) also proved to be a sales failure. In fact, there was a drop in sales compared to 2018.

Consumers buy a new phone every three years

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What is happening, basically, is that iOS users keep their mobile devices so long that they make iPhone sales plummet. As we said before, there are many factors for this. We could even add the long lifespan of an iPhone with respect to iOS updates.

Be that as it may, the reality is that iPhone users no longer change mobile phones every year, or every two years. The latest Strategy Analytics data ensures that users of smartphones in general they maintain their terminals for three years Before buying a new one.

β€œThe average of a smartphone from Apple which has been active is 18 months, while the average is 16 months for Samsung. 1 in 5 users keep their phone for three years or more. ”

The iPhone 11 will not increase sales of Apple

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The update cycles of iPhone consumers are getting longer. And this is very bad for Apple, which must be managed to offer more innovation and more novelties that attract the attention of customers.

David Kerr, vice president of Strategy Analytics (via BGR), added that the arrival of 5G technology will not favor a boom in sales of smartphones during 2019. And, of course, the imminent launch of the iPhone 11 will not imply a big boost in the sale of smartphones from the company of the bitten apple.

In fact, none of the features we have been discovering in the rumors about the iPhone 11 invite us to think that consumers will be eager to buy the mobile phone. Nor his system of triple camera, nor its possible port USB-C.

The launch of the iPhone 11 is expected to occur around September 20. So there is less than a month left for Apple Present your new mobile phones to the world. At the moment, the Cupertino company has not yet sent its invitations to the event, but we will be attentive to share with you all the information as soon as they do. And, of course, We will make a wide coverage of the iPhone 11 presentation event to keep you up to date on all the news. Do you think the iPhone sales of Apple Will they continue to decline at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020?