The iPhone 11 would mount the same screen as the Samsung Galaxy S10

by Kelvin
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Nobody is going to put their hands to their heads if we reveal that Samsung is the one who has been manufacturing iPhone screens for a long time. However, that does not mean that they are the same panels that the Korean firm mounts at its top of the range. However, this year, the iPhone 11 screen yes that would be quite similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S10.


The company based in South Korea designed in the past a type of panel OLED specifically for devices Apple, while the iPhone 11 could simply use the same screen that we found at the top of the brand's range, although it has currently been surpassed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, officially the smartphone with the best screen on the market. And, according to the medium TheElec , who cites "sources close to production" of the top of the range of Apple, the iPhone 11 OLED panel will be made from a material called ‘M9’, which Samsung also uses for Galaxy S10.

This strategy would probably reduce the manufacturing costs of iPhone 11 displays because it would no longer be necessary to shape a new specific material for screens Apple). This movement, reportedly, has also reduced the list of suppliers needed to develop the iPhone 11 screens.

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A price drop?

What does this mean for the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (since the iPhone 11R would have an LCD panel, not OLED)? Usually the bThe flagship of Samsung usually have a higher resolution than the phone Apple, but this is not an element that directly affects the quality of the screen.

To speculate, still knowing Apple, we could be talking about a substantial saving in the production costs of the phone that could have an impact on the iPhone 11 prices. Since this year it seems that the mobiles of Apple they will not have great news, beyond its triple camera or its A13 chip, lowering the sale price of 2019 phones could help the brand improve its sales figures.

However, we don't want to fool anyone, and it's quite unlikely that Apple Go down the price of your range caps. For that you already have the iPhone 11R, with more limited specifications in order to satisfy those who are looking for a cheap iphone. For now, it's time to wait until September 10 to confirm these details.

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