The iPhone 2020 would arrive with the best 5G chip seen on a smartphone

by Kelvin

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were presented by Apple less than a week ago and yet, although lazy lie, they are already beginning to know the first details of the 2020 iPhone. Although to be quite correct we have to say that this information really began even before the 2019 iPhone They were officers. Now we have known new information about the 5G chip that will allow iPhone to adopt the new connectivity standard that is already becoming a reality.

Waiting for the iPhone 5G might be worth it

Last Tuesday, September 10 Apple held a special event from the Steve Jobs Theater. In this scenario, information on the launch of services such as Apple Arcadian, Apple TV +, in addition to presenting a new iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5. But if there was something we all expected were the new iPhone. These came with interesting news but with some lack like 5G connectivity, which was already suspected that it would not be but that ended up being confirmed.



Other rival companies of Apple They have already announced new devices with 5G and even some have already launched it. The case of the iPhone was somewhat complex and is that the judicial problems of Apple Qualcomm resulted in a significant delay in the production of these modems. We finally learned that the firm headed by Tim Cook had acquired a significant part of Intel's 5G chip business with the aim of advancing work, although obviously it would not arrive for the iPhone this year.

From CNET they detail a problem existing in current 5G devices and that the 2020 iPhone would not have. The first of these is related to the way in which smartphones connect to 5G networks, which seems to be quite complicated at the moment. This is because the two chips that allow this connectivity are integrated separately in the circuitry of the phones. Making it possible for them to merge into oneself requires a time of development, which if available Apple right now and it would be an advantage over his opponents.

Beyond technical aspects, somewhat complex by the way, in the end you have to keep in mind that this type of connectivity is not widespread for now. In that sense, users who usually renew their terminals every 2 years or less may not suffer the consequences of iPhone 11 not incorporating 5G chips. However, those who tend to extend the use of their phones for years could find themselves at the disadvantage of having acquired these new iPhone and then not being able to enjoy 5G technology when it is fully extended.

The new iPhone are always better than the previous ones, and although it is true that the most recent ones are going to be very competent teams for many years, the truth is that factors such as that of the mentioned 5G technology must be taken into account when Decide to buy now or wait for next year. Be that as it may, everything points to the 2020 iPhone will be a new leap in quality Apple in terms of connectivity and maybe even in relation to its design.

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