The iPhone 6s will sell little according to KGI

by Kelvin
The iPhone 6s will sell little according to KGI 1

iPhone 6s would have a 5 megapixel front camera

KGI is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to rumors related to new release of Apple. It is not the first time that one of his rumors ends up being a reality, and apparently there are news regarding the components of the iPhone 6s that should arrive on the market next September 9.

According to the latest rumors that KGI takes for certain, The iPhone 6s front camera will effectively feature a 5 megapixel sensor, but the main sensor will not have a sapphire lens and, if we listen to the rumors, it would not have received good results in the tests of resistance to falls and bumps.


The iPhone 6s will sell little according to KGI 2

Sapphire vs. Gorilla Glass

Sapphire is one of the materials on the market, but Apple I would have ended up choosing Gorilla Glass for their devices. It is a resistant material, but more brittle than sapphire, and according to the latest rumors that reached KGI, the tests of falls and blows have presented some negative results.

In addition, from KGI they argue that the absence of great news and external economic factors will not allow iPhone 6s sales to be so positive. Recall that it is a device that arrives to improve the proposal of the iPhone 6, but really does not have a lot of news itself, except for Force Touch technology.

Is Force Touch enough to attract new users?

From KGI they argue that Apple It will sell many units of the iPhone 6s among current users of the iPhone family, but the lack of innovation and important developments will make The number of new buyers is really low.

The iPhone 6s will sell little according to KGI 3

You also have to criticize the decision of Apple of not offering a device with intermediate storage between 16 GB and 64 GB. There is a model with 128 GB of storage memory that is surely dedicated to the professional market, but between 16 and 64 Apple has decided not to launch a model with 32 GB. In the iPhone we do not have support for microSD cards and that implies that we will be more limited in the storage space if we choose the version of 16.

In conclusion since KGI are pessimistic about the possible sales success of the iPhone 6s, although the enthusiasm of the buyers before the exit of a new iPhone model remains equally high in the forums and social networks.

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