The iPhone could become a remote control for our car

by Kelvin
The iPhone could become a remote control for our car 1

Apple patents a technology to turn the iPhone into a "remote control" for the car

Apple You have obtained the registration of a new patent that, after knowing it, you will surely want it to become a reality. At least it has happened to us and that is it would take iPhone-car integration to the next level, at a really impressive level.

The iPhone could become a remote control for our car 2

The general idea of ​​the patent is Turn our iPhone into a kind of remote control for cars that are paired through CayPlay. This would allow us to automate certain things and the iPhone to execute them depending on our location and other factors that we set.


In the patent detail Apple talk about some possibilities based on geolocation such as creating a "smart lock." Thanks to this, the car doors could open automatically when it detects that we are approaching it, activate an alarm or even heat the cabin with heating so that when we arrive it is at an ideal temperature. But nevertheless, Apple has chosen that the option to start the engine is not available until it detects that the user is sitting in the driver's seat, something totally logical and designed to improve the security of the possible system.

iBeacon and Bluetooth LE would play an important role in this technology

The description of the technology speaks of some elements necessary for this idea to work. Among them, Apple mentions as essential ingredients technologies such as Bluetooth LE and iBeacon, two technologies that would have a lot to say for such a system. The first would serve as an intermediary between the iPhone and the car, while the second would serve to "shoot" actions according to our location.

The iPhone could become a remote control for our car 3

Other possibilities that this technology would offer is the possibility to configure it so that, for example, you open the trunk or hood of our car when it detects that we are in front of it Or, as we said, start the heating when we are approaching the car.

As they remind us in iPhone Hacks, we must not forget that at the moment it is only a patent. Thanks to her we know that Apple He has thought of a technology of this type, but for now we can not take anything for granted and we do not really know if one day we will see it in the market or if it will simply stay in one more patent.

How about? Do you think that Apple Will you ever launch something like that? No doubt we would love to see it.

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